VA Loans

Veterans are eligible for home loans provided by the Veterans Affairs department. With a VA loan, they can purchase one of five types: newly constructed houses, condominiums, lots to build homes on or manufactured housing units, and existing houses all with an approved VA mortgage. The program offers different options depending on what you need – whether it’s just purchasing land and building your own house from scratch or buying a recently built condo that needs some renovations done before moving in!

Veterans eligible will have easy access not only to these funds but also benefits like education assistance programs that may help cover costs associated with earning degrees after leaving service. VA loans can also be used for refinancing an existing mortgage. Veterans can use this loan type as a supplement, allowing them access to home equity and the opportunity of lower rates than those offered by banks. With low down payments and flexible underwriting standards, veterans seeking their first homes should look no further! The program is available for anyone with at least 90 days of military service or any discharge other than dishonorable from active duty in the armed forces, including reservists who served on active duty when called up by Uncle Sam.

How to apply for a VA loan?

Veterans can apply for a VA home loan through the Department of Veterans Affairs website or by visiting an approved lender. The VA’s site is easy to use and provides resources such as information on eligibility criteria, current rates, calculators, and more! When applying with an approved lender like Western Mortgage Company, veterans will need to provide proof of military service (DD-214), discharge type from active duty in the armed forces (honorable/general), and income documentation.

Eligibility: Who Can Apply?

For those interested in securing a VA mortgage there are some basic requirements one must meet before they can be approved for this benefit. To qualify, you must have served 90 days or more of continuous active duty after September 16, 1940, and you must have been discharged under any condition other than dishonorable. Additionally, if you are a veteran of the Gulf War or Operation Iraqi Freedom your eligibility is not determined by time served but rather by disability rating received from VA as well as having exhausted all GI Bill benefits.

How Can We Help?

The benefits of getting a VA mortgage

If you are a veteran, your eligibility for a VA mortgage can help you sleep soundly at night. Unlike conventional loans that require credit scores of 700 or higher and a 20% down payment, the VA loan allows qualified veterans to get into their new home with as little as no money down and a score below 640!

The benefits of getting a VA Mortgage include:

  • No private mortgage insurance required (PMI)
  • Interest rates are usually lower than other types of mortgages
  • Refinancing may be available so you pay less interest over time


Veterans also enjoy many different privileges when it comes to refinancing. They can use their VA home loan entitlement towards closing costs on subsequent homes they purchase in some cases, which is not possible with a conventional loan.

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